Green Energy Biotechnology

Advanced Electronic Materials Inc. 

ITK specialized in developing and manufacturing screen printing conductive inks used in various electronic sections.

Drytech Corporation 

Production of consumer-oriented, eco-friendly products, mostly in the dehumidifying category which is entirely developed in-house, and protected by worldwide patents.

Easy Cure Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 

The factory complies with HACCP & ISO22000 quality certifications, participates in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, and wins a prize for the outstanding SMEs of innovation and R&D in 2017. The group will build the most distinctive global operating headquarters and custom-made bio-medical probiotic fermentation plant which are totally 6611.6 square meters in Xinji Industrial Zone.

The group also expects to issue shares, set up e-commerce, the MLM, the new retail sales channel, supply global biomedical probiotics 3.0 products, effort to hold on to local talent and attract skilled workers , create more blue ocean market and become the pride of Taiwan. The president, Chen Chun-Hung, is contract with Chiayi University by the industry-university cooperative research project and accesses several patents, such as yogurt production technology, anti-defect enzyme production technology, lactic acid bacteria immune cell stimulation ability analysis etc. Furthermore, we obtain big data of pet’s healthy by genetic testing equipment in order to develop anti-aging pet health foods.

Pao Can Biomedical Co., Ltd. 

Pao Can Biomedical Co., Ltd., established in May 2011, obtained several professional and international certificates, such as ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL, and mandatory GHP certificate ( specified by Taiwan FDA). We dedicate to the food multiprocessing and product design from Taiwanese unique local agricultural crops and traditional herbal. So far, we researched with several universities by the government's plan, such as SBIR or CITD, and developed commercial products such as bagged healthy tea, functional beverage, dried fruit, herbal candies, and herbal spices. We also provide ODM and OEM services and sell high-quality international own brand of products.

Taiwan Lung Meng Advanced Composite Materials Co., Ltd. 

World’s One-Of-A-Kind, Environmentally-Friendly Stone Paper The paper industry is one of the energy-intensive industries in Taiwan. Taiwan Lung Meng (TLM) began to develop environmentally-friendly stone paper in 1990. The idea of stone paper began with Shih-Hui Liang, the founder of the company. He thought out the reduction of plastic content in zip-lock bags and the application of stone material. Stone paper is made of stone powder and a small amount of environmentally-friendly polyethylene (PE). In the beginning, stone powder accounted for only 60% of the ingredients.

Throughout the years, TLM conducted a lot of research and development, and focused on the pursuit of “making better products”. During the period, manpower, material resources, and time were invested. During the 18 years, nearly 1.5 billion TWD was spent to produce new type of paper with the similar functions as pulp paper. At the same time, it obtained a number of manufacturing technology patents and product design patents. So far, the stone powder accounts for 80% of the paper ingredients. TLM has been ISO 9001 certified for its quality management systems and ISO 14001 certified for its environmental management system. It has patents in more than 40 countries. Even people living as far as Africa use stone paper as well.